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Shelving system

Image Credit: Dwell

Some of you might know I’m currently in the process of re-vamping our study. Unfortunately, we don’t use it that much and it’s become a dumping ground for all the s**t in the house we don’t know where to put.

So if you’ve read my previous post on my interior disasters, you’ll know we recently painted it in Abigail Ahern’s Mulberry. Loved it at first and then I hated it. And within 5 days it was painted in Valspar’s Night’s Blue Arch. Apart from that I’ve haven’t really done anything else (other than move the furniture around the room umpteen times). But now I’m on a mission to get this room finished, so we can start using it more.

One of the things I need to sort out is some shelving. But as you know between Willis and I (and our constant interior arguments) we can’t quite decide what kind of shelving we’d like. So today, I thought I’d share some of the shelving we’ve been looking at.

String system

I just love the String System. It’s a design classic. But it does come with a cost. It’s probably the most expensive (which is probably why I love it) minimal shelving on the market, but worth every penny don’t you think?

Shelving System

Image Credit: Funktionalley

And for those who love the look but not the price tag, Ikea do a cheaper version. They also have an amazing online planner so you can sketch out exactly what you want.

Shelving System

Image credit: Elisa Kern Design

Like the look? Then check out Elisa Kern’s blog post, who shows a step by step guide as to how she designed her amazing Ikea shelving system (see above).

Looking for something more masculine, then check out the Jory Modular system from Still on the expensive side but will never date.

shelving system

Image Credit: – Jory Modular Shelving (starting at £199)

Free standing Shelving

And for those looking for a sleek industrial shelving system then check out this moveable, collapsible free standing shelving unit, from Urban Outfitters. An added bonus is it can double up as a room divider too!

Shelving System

Image credit: Urban Outfitters – Emri Shelving Unit – £410

Looking for simplicity, then check out this Compo shelving from La Redoute  They currently have a sale with 40% off making this unit only £209. Now that’s what I call a bargain!

shelving system

Image Credit: La Redoute – Compo Shelving (starting at £349)

DIY Shelving 

Prefer to Do it Yourself? Then check out Lisa’s Dawson home office shelving system (below). Lisa’s done an incredible job of making the shelving unit herself. She built it by using MDF cut to size (from B&Q) costing a total of £38 (for 5 shelves). And then added the shelving brackets at only £1.25 each. So for less than 50 quid you can build your own shelving system! Yes, you did hear me correctly, I did say £50. So if you love DIY and want a bargain shelving unit check out Lisa’s post on the how to.

Shelving System

Image Credit: Lisa Dawson

So which one have I chosen? Well it has to be the expensive one, the string system of course. But I’m still in the process of negotiating with Willis on this one. It may take me a while so wish me luck and watch this space! xx





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