My favourite wallpapers for kids

As you all know I’m in the process of re-vamping Z’s bedroom. Yes, yes, yes I know it’s the longest re-vamp in history but to be honest I felt he’d kinda outgrown his bedroom. Erm, sorry that’s complete cods wallop he’s only 4 why does he care. It’s just me, I wanted the perfect excuse to re-vamp a room in the house and his bedroom was the easiest. And when I mean easiest I mean that Willis would agree. Anyways, what ever the reason (even blaming poor Z) his re-vamp is underway.

So my first stop was deciding on whether to paint his bedroom in a bold colour or go for a wallpaper? And after weeks of trawling through Pinterest and Insta for inspo, I decided to go for a wallpaper. I’m not usually a fan of wallpaper in bedrooms but I think they look cute in kids rooms. So today I thought I’d share my top 5 wallpapers for kids bedrooms.

Hope you like x

World Map Wallpaper by Little Hands 

I love world map wallpapers with the double of advantage of being educational. I actually recommended this wallpaper to my friend Tizzy who used this in her son’s bedroom. She’s now told me he knows all the continents, nothing to do with the fact that he is a very bright boy. That said, I love this wallpaper by Little Hands not too grown up for toddlers and the design is pretty cool too.

kids wallpaper

World Map Explorer  – Call to get a quote

Leopard Walk by Cole & Son 

Ohh I love animal wallpapers in kids rooms and especially this one from Cole & Son I just love the contrast of orange against the dark, pretty cool don’t you think?

kids wallpaper

John Lewis £90 per roll

Constellation wallpaper by Etsy

You can probably tell I love educational wallpapers and this constellation wallpaper is just amazing. And to top it off it’s self adhesive too so that means no wallpaper paste!

kids wallpaper

Etsy – Price dependant upon size

Jolly Jurassic Wallpaper by Harlequin

Now all boys love dinosaurs and Z is no exception. In fact sometimes I think he loves his dinosaurs more than he loves me. This wallpaper is just so cute and I love the hand drawn dinosaurs which makes it more playful.

kids wallpaper

John Lewis – £38 per roll

Carousel Wallpaper by Wild Hearts Wonder

Another animal wallpaper. All kids love carousel’s right? And this wallpaper ticks all the boxes with carousel’s and animals, so what child wouldn’t love it? (It comes in different colours too!)

Kids wallpaper

Carousel Animal wallpaper – £69 per panel

I know I said I’d share 5 wallpapers, but I couldn’t resist adding this one Scion Little Fox wallpaper. How cute is this??

Kids wallpaper

Fox Wallpaper – John Lewis £40

I’m so excited to share with you the wallpaper I’ve chosen for Z’s bedroom that’s if I ever get around to finishing his room. So I better get back to it.



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